START-UP, ANALYSE ( target group, value propostion) & COMMUNICATE ( transmedia )

In a world where extreme views dominate the media, it is essential to challenge this distorted perception and provide a platform for the political middle ground. Our project aims to promote dialogue and prevent polarization by offering dissenting voices and fostering a culture of active listening.

Listening, an often overlooked skill, holds the key to understanding and bridging divides. By exploring alternative ways of communication and embracing the art of listening, we can create a space for diverse perspectives to be heard and valued.Through the innovative approach of the listening formula, we seek to reshape the political public debate. By amplifying the voices of the silent middle, we aim to shed light on different perspectives and encourage a more nuanced understanding of complex issues. 

Experience the silent middle.
In Collaboration with Eva Bifet Tomas, Maud PelmelayHannah Kersten ( 2020 )