START-UP, ANALYSE ( target group, value propostion) & COMMUNICATE ( transmedia )

The things we read, we hear, we watch, often give a distorted view of the public debate. Because extremes and exceptions result in more readers, more views, more clicks and response. Sadly this gives us a distorted view of ‘the other’. Therefore it is very important to provide some dissent, meet on common ground, give the political middle a stage, a voice. This is crucial to prevent polarization.

Listening is a skill that we seem to master and appreciate less and less. But what would happen if we developed other ways of speaking? And learn to listen to each other again.
We want to approach the political public debate from a different perspective with the use of a different method; the listening formula. And let the silent middle highlight different perspectives of political discussions.

Experience the silent middle.
In Collaboration with Eva Bifet Tomas, Maud PelmelayHannah Kersten ( 2020 )